An industry benchmark.

Industry Characteristics.

The automotive industry is facing numerous challenges due to volatile procurement markets, changing customer needs, competitive pressure, and stricter CO2 requirements. These external factors are impacting product and production strategies, supplier management, and innovation. Additionally, new business models and cost pressures are adding to the industry’s challenges.


  • Cross-Cutting Quality Problems
    Weakening suppliers are disrupting production processes, resulting in residual material stocks and decreased product quality. Our Taskforce Management approach helps you react quickly and safeguard your production.
  • Increasing Costs
    The rising costs of materials, energy, salaries, transportation, and research and development are evident in the automotive industry. We assist you in setting up and implementing successful efficiency programs.
  • Expanding Competition
    The industry is undergoing significant changes, with new players utilizing the technological shift towards e-mobility and autonomous driving to penetrate the market. We help you become a High-Performance Organization by assisting you in realigning your strategy to stay ahead of the competition.

What we do.

Our services are designed to tackle the following two challenges.

Shape Processes.

We increase your productivity and raise your quality to new levels by continuously optimizing the efficiency, effectiveness, and competitiveness of your processes and systems

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Resolve Problems.

We ensure your ability to respond to short-term, business-critical issues through rapid problem resolution and strategic remediation

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Are you ready to simplify your operational processes?

Start your next success project now and get in touch with us.
We are always at your disposal!

Our success stories.

"˙XCELLENCE has taken us from a 5S organization to a true Lean organization."

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"Truly sustainable process improvement through constructive cooperation in the interdisciplinary workshop team and constant follow-up support"

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"Due to the professional support of ˙XCELLENCE, ramp-up difficulties at the supplier could be solved quickly and sustainably. Special thanks for your efforts!"

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