Conveyor belt or line in beverage plant with modern automated industrial machine equipment. Plastic PET bottles with fresh organic juice in factory interior

Consumer Goods.

Ensuring the need of daily life.

FMCG – Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

The fast-moving consumer goods industry is one of the most complex on the market and is characterized in particular by constantly changing customer needs. Cost pressure due to high raw material and energy prices on the market and a high level of quality awareness characterize the industry profile. However, this industry is additionally characterized by increased demands on the manufacturing process of consumables with regard to production conditions, which also include health and ethical factors.

SMCG – Slow Moving Consumer Goods.

Refrigerators, washing machines, water treatment systems, heat pumps and much more – in these durable goods, several technical subsystems interact with each other to fulfill the desired function of the end customers. The integration of mechanics, electronics, control engineering and thermodynamic systems in one device requires organizational and process excellence in any functional area of the manufacturing industry due to the multidisciplinarity.


  • Maintaining Low Costs
    With rising prices for energy and raw materials, along with increased labor costs, it is challenging for companies in the sector to maintain low costs. However, consumer price sensitivity remains, making efficient production processes essential. We offer efficiency programs to support you in reducing manufacturing costs.
  • Safeguarding Product Quality and Safety
    Meeting high consumer expectations regarding product quality and safety, while adhering to legal regulations, presents unique challenges to quality management systems in this industry. Defects in product quality can result in costly product recalls. Our quality system helps you raise the bar on product quality and safety.
  • Manufacturing Sustainable Products
    As customer demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly products increases within the FMCG industry, it is critical to implement sustainability in production & logistics successfully. We help you achieve sustainability in your manufacturing processes.

What we do.

Our strengths: Shape Processes and Resolve Problems

Shape Processes.

We increase your productivity and raise your quality to new levels by continuously optimizing the efficiency, effectiveness, and competitiveness of your processes and systems

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Resolve Problems.

We ensure your ability to respond to short-term, business-critical issues through rapid problem resolution and strategic remediation

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Are you ready to simplify your operational processes?

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Our success stories.

"˙XCELLENCE has taken us from a 5S organization to a true Lean organization."

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"Truly sustainable process improvement through constructive cooperation in the interdisciplinary workshop team and constant follow-up support"

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"Due to the professional support of ˙XCELLENCE, ramp-up difficulties at the supplier could be solved quickly and sustainably. Special thanks for your efforts!"

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